Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 7 March 2020

Kundali Bhagya Today Episode 7 March 2020, The mastermind behind the Kundali Bhagya unconscious Preeta and locked her in a burning house. She pretends to be unconscious and Karan lets her take it in his hand. Karan leaves the hotel with Sherlin and Mahira. Kritik called him and told that Preeta was also found in the fire. Karan leaves Mahira and goes to rescue Preeta. Mahira is shocked that Karan is still caring for her more than she does. Mahesh will soon recover from his coma when R Sasha gets a doctor’s call at Luthra House. Sharlene and Mahira were shocked to hear this.

At the Rang Malang Holi Special, Karan told his family that he did not want to marry Mahira. He revealed that he would marry Mahira after he recovered from Mahesh’s coma. He tells everyone that until then we want to focus on cricket. The entire Luthera family accepted his decision. Mahira meets Sherlin in another room. She complains that Karan no longer wants to marry her.

Sharlene tells Mahira that they will mix and execute the story at Karan’s station. She asks Mahira to take Karan with her to a room. She says that when Karan’s family saw them together, they would marry her immediately. Sammy heard this and decided to tell Creation and Preeta. Ravi Dubey performs with Ali Goni at Luthra Holi Party.

Preeta and Krishna listen to Sharilyn’s plan and decide to stop Mahira from drugging Karan. Sharilyn gives Mahira a crush to mix in Karan’s drink. Charlene receives a Earth call that says she has returned from her international trip and will be coming to Luthera House to paint Charlene. Meanwhile, Shree Jha and Shabbir Ahluwalia in Kurukum Bhagya present Abhi Pragya.

Ramona meets Sharleen’s mother and tells her that Sharlene has an affair with Earth. Sherlyn’s mother refuses to say that she is Sherlin’s love affair. When Ramona is gone, Sherlyn’s mother meets her face in color, saying that no one on earth will recognize her. Karan misses his father on Holi and misses Preeta too. Preeta arrives at Luthra House and tries to find Karan.

Karan imagines himself working with Preeta. At the main party, he meets the dead body. She asks Preeti how she came home saying that she will not come home for Holi. Preeta lies to Karan and she wants to meet Rakhi. Sherlyn is talking to Rakhi and the hab six, but is waiting for Earth.

Preeta just wants money from Karan while we tell Mahira Sherlin tomorrow. Sharleen said Preeta did not want any money from Karan and did not send her a subpoena notice. Later, Preeta meets Mahira and tells her that Karan is worried that he will not marry her.

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