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Kumkum Bhagya 8 December 2021 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 8 December 2021 Written Update, Rhea conserving Ranbir’s hand and takes him for the ring finding ceremony. Pallavi says we will no longer spoil the wedding features due to a person.

Sid gets involved for Prachi and thinks to call Sushma. He recalls Sushma’s phrases that she has given her freedom to select, and she or he chose Ranbir. Sid asks if she didn’t get what she needs then.

Sushma says then she has to live alone and stroll at the direction alone as I will no longer aid her after today. Sid thinks why did Prachi pass there and asks if she is mad she ought to have selected Sushma and no longer Ranbir.

He thinks Ranbir will no longer be given Prachi hearing her being pregnant news. Someone comes there and tells that he has to go away else his US flight can be ignored. Pallavi says we shall start the ring finding rite and says the husband and spouse whoever searches the ring, will win.

Vikram asks Ranbir to win else he will be joru ka ghulam all existence. Ranbir thinks it’s far all over Prachi. Prachi says its over you may’t have any happiness you have to endure what I actually have undergo. Rhea asks Ranbir to study her and says we’ve reached right here and will no longer permit every person come between us.

Pallavi smiles listening to her. Rhea says we are geared up to look the ring. Pallavi drops the ring in the milky rose water. Ranbir puts his hand in it. Rhea smiles and places her hand within the vessel. She smiles and looks at Ranbir. Prachi appears at them. Vikram asks Ranbir to win. Pallavi asks Rhea to win. Prachi comes there and puts her hand in the vessel. Rhea asks what the hell.

Prachi unearths the hoop right away and take off her hand displaying the ring. She says game is of you both or the own family however I will rule in this residence. She then wears the hoop. Rhea receives up angrily and tells Pallavi that she turned into proper about her and says Police can simplest kick her out from right here. She says why Police haven’t come here until now. Just then door bell rings. Rhea says now I will see how she don’t cross. Prachi says allow Police come.

Inspector comes interior and says a person known as us. Pallavi says nowadays changed into my son’s marriage. Rhea says these days we got married and Prachi came here to break our marriage and entered our residence forcibly and threatened us. She asks Inspector to arrest her and says else Prachi herself will accountable for anything takes place together with her.

Prachi says I am only responsible for something occurred with me until now and says I depended on you it became my mistake. She says I notion mummy customary me with coronary heart it changed into my mistake. She says I concept the whole thing could be best and Ranbir will in no way spoil my accept as true with it become my mistake. Rhea asks her to forestall calling him as her Ranbir and says Ranbir and her marriage is carried out.

Prachi asks if she day goals with open eyes and tells that it changed into drama he is already married to me I am his spouse. Pallavi says you are lying, I don’t keep in mind that I blessed you which of them is given to DIL. She says I would have widespread you as my DIL however marriage haven’t took place. Prachi says marriage has passed off and it’s far regular with husband and wife’s desire. She asks Ranbir why he is not saying.

Ranbir says now I will say and you may listen. He asks her to prove that they may be married prove that I used to love you and also you used to like me. He says show it. Rhea smiles. He thinks to hear from her that they have been married and had been collectively as they love each different. He thinks I had executed mistake and you left with out giving explanation. He recalls asking her to say that she has executed mistake and Prachi refuses to offer him any clarification. Prachi asks Rhea if she didn’t see her married with Ranbir. Rhea says no.

Prachi says then why did you act to dedicate suicide and asks Pallavi why did you throw your son out of the residence for 2 years. She asks Inspector to ask them. Vikram says it became our non-public depend and tells that your marriage haven’t happened with him.

Rhea says did you pay attention and says Ranbir is married to me and now not you. She asks Inspector to arrest her and take her. Dida says I even have visible their marriage on the mobile. Rhea says such movies come and says it isn’t a felony marriage. Prachi and Ranbir tell that their marriage was criminal at the identical time. Rhea is bowled over and upset. She asks Ranbir to come back along with her. She asks Ranbir why is he doing this and taking her side. She has come to smash our marriage. Ranbir says I am not taking her facet I don’t love her. He says my marriage befell along with her in temple after which in courtroom.

Pallavi comes there and says Inspector stated that he wants to arrest Ranbir and her. Rhea asks why. She says she will speak to him. Ranbir says I will speak to Prachi on my own. Rhea says hd will no longer communicate to he

r. Ranbir says I became telling you and not asking you. He goes.

Rhea tells Pallavi that he behaves differently and changes when Prachi comes infront of him. Pallavi says he would possibly want to speak about the problem with Prachi and quit it. Rhea thinks they’re no longer information her schedule she has come to thrown me out from here and thinks she ought to have robust purpose to get Ranbir returned in her lifestyles.

Ranbir involves Prachi and holds her hand. Inspector asks Ranbir you stated which you had married Prachi after which Rhea. He says I don’t want to intrude in your non-public rely but this marriage is unlawful. Ranbir says first I will communicate to Prachi. Rhea tells Pallavi that Prachi entered our house and doing tamasha. She asks why did Dida inform that she noticed their marriage. Vikram says nobody shall ask her.

Pallavi says she could be answerable if some thing occurs to Ranbir or Rhea. Shaina tells Rhea that you had instructed that your love tale with him is from college days. Rhea tells that her sister has continually backstabbed her and says Ranbir by no means loved her and he changed into in her magic. Shaina says that magic was there even now and tells that he went to talk to her.

Ranbir asks why did you come back here today and says you could have come at every time. He says you’ll have come right here once I was no longer considering this marriage. Prachi says you became constantly ready to marry Rhea and asks why didn’t you wait for me. Ranbir says I waited for you.

Prachi gets emotional. He seems in her eyes. Prachi is going to facet. He asks what took place. Ranbir says what are you doing here all at once and asks her no longer to lie. Prachi remembers talking to Sushma that her infant gets both her parents love. She gets teary eyes. Ranbir is set to wipe her tears, however stops himself. Prachi wipes her tears.

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