Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 17 August 2020

Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 17 August 2020, Abhi comes to Prachi and says that you have demolished the new blanket and bedsheet, tears have fallen down on it. Still, he says, it’s a bad joke. Tears make her stiff, not otherwise, he tells her to cry .. He gives her a handkerchief and asks her to wipe away her tears.

Prachi says that’s what happened there. Abhi says when you come to Delhi, who did you meet, me or Alia. He says I called you my daughter and told you to forget what Alia said. Prachi says the media is down, I couldn’t bear if they published any false news about me. Abhi says Vikram will handle the media and the news will not be published.

Vikram requested the media not to publish the news of the theft and asked them to leave. The reporter asked Vikram to investigate what else was stolen from the house. Ranbir got angry at the reporter and hit him. The reporter goes. Vikram asked Ranbir to ignore.

Pallavi says Prachi should not do this. Ranbir says that you have changed everything in an instant and says that the girl you trusted and loved, don’t believe anything now. He asks them to ask from their heart. He asks if their faith is so weak. Pallavi said money is stolen.

Ranbir says he is a miss. You forget everything and say that Prachi endured a lot because of me. Rhea said that because of us, Prachi is not in the police station. Ranbir told her not to tell. Rhea said she didn’t say anything wrong. Pallavi slapped him and said that Prachi was responsible for the theft. Aryan comes there.

Abhi urges Prachi to be strong from within and not to think about anyone’s ideology. He says there will be many problems in life. Prachi says even my mother used to say that. Abhi says I may be we are learning the same and you can get it too. Rhea thinks how much Prachi loves you, she can’t be your daughter. She says Baba… I envy, you never understand me with so much love. Abhi says you can never understand love. He offers the Prachi drop. Rhea says she will come with them too and she will meet Prachi’s mother.

Ranbir tells Aryana that everyone is making false accusations against Prachi. Aryan says stealing the company’s money is wrong. Ranbir is it to hit and says what if someone else had said that? Arya asks him to prove that Prachi is innocent and they tell me that she is innocent and not a thief. Ranbir thanks Him and apologizes Aryan asks him to prove her innocence if he apologizes.

Abhi tells Vikram that he will give him Rs 10 lakh from his account. What does Vikram say? Alia said the money is stolen. I am your sister Abhi says she is my daughter and says a girl. He says I have an intuition that she didn’t steal money. Alia says I have a judgment.

Abhi says you are not a judge. He told Vikram that Sanju would transfer the money. Pallavi says we are family. Abhi says later you didn’t call her a thief, Prachi is like my family and I have to return the money for the family. He says Prachi will not go to the office. He says he’s leaving her.

Ranbir says I will come with you. Abhi says okay. Alia tries to provoke Vikram and his family against Prachi. BG told Alia to stop it. Aryan thinks Prachi needs to be proven innocent.

Abhi, Aryan, Riya Prachi drop to two. Sister Sarita opens the door and greets them. Rhea said she wants to meet Prachi’s mother. Sister Sarita tells them to sit down and go to make tea. Prachi thanks Abhi for his trust. The actor asks Prachi to learn how to be happy from Riya and she says that she never gets sad, it makes the world sad.

Ranbir says yes and laughs. He tells Abhila that he will do his job and come with them. Abhi says okay and he thinks he is giving an excuse to stay with Riya, he thinks he has the same craze to stay with someone (Pragya). Rhea asks what are you thinking? Abhi says if Sarita Behen Phadda comes then I think… Riya got a call and left.

Abhi asks Prachi to come home and says I will say you stole. He laughs and says that Rhea is lucky to have such a father. Abhi says all fathers are the same. Prachi says she doesn’t know because she doesn’t have a father. Rhea talks to Alia and tells her to do something otherwise she will take Prachi out.

Alia says that she did not listen to what Pallavi said and said that if she proves to be a thief then no one will believe her. She said she has asked someone to delete Sanju’s CCTV footage and send the rest of her footage so that everyone thinks Prachi has hidden the money.

Alia calls Sanju, from an unknown number but he doesn’t take her call. Rhea says after a while Papa says she hurts others, saying she will hurt her badly. Prachi says she has no father, if he was with her he would have thought he had gotten a bad girl. She says she’s not like Rhea, who’s funny. She tells him to laugh if she says a joke.

Abhi laughs and says that her father is unlucky not with us and says that he would have been proud to see you. He says he wants another girl like Prachi. He says if you were my daughter, I would proudly tell the world that she was my daughter. Rhea hiss and get very very angry. She is crying with her face on the bed. Prachi says I didn’t know what to say. Abhi says I will meet Sarita Behen, she had got to make tea. Prachi smiles.

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