Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 4 February 2020

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 4 February 2020, Our Sai Prasad requests the finalization of this agreement by setting aside Radhika’s personal and business life. Later, Radhika and Gurunath cross each other. Gurunath urges Radhika to remember some of the events of her past and warns her that from now on she will live in peace and will not allow anyone to have any peace in her life.

We see that Yashwant Banahti calls Maya and will appoint a new CEO to the company and informs her that she needs to get there. Gurunath immediately hears it all and doesn’t work at all. He asks what Maya is asking. When Maya tells him about the CEO’s topic, Gurunath Sugarcoats says he is the only one who acts as CEO. He continues to flirt with Maye, praising her beauty and intelligence.

Meanwhile, Radhika has gathered all her staff members and expressed her heartfelt condolences. She tells them that because of her the deal was not finalized and the company missed a great opportunity. Upon hearing this, the staff member stood in support of Radhika and encouraged her to do the right thing for the company. Later, Radhika reached Mahajani’s uncle’s house and told them about the whole scene in her office. She explained to them that Saiprasad was their son who had come to deal with her. After hearing Radhika, Mahajani’s uncle claims that he had no idea when Cyprus returned from the United States. He still did not trust Radhika’s accusation. When Radhika further clarified, she became convinced and was sorry to hear of her son’s ignorance. Suddenly, the door bell rang and everyone was shocked, it was none other than Saiprasad.

On the other hand, Yashwant Radhika is very upset about missing such an opportunity. Soumitra explains to her father that Radhika is always a passionate person and she is passionate when it comes to making business decisions. Yashwant disagrees with Soumitra and warns that if Radhika does this, Radhika’s spices will be shut down shortly.

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