Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 19 Feb 2020

Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 19 Feb 2020, Mukarrab Khan was telling Sambhaji to knock him on the ground and accept defeat. Sambhaji yells at Mukarrab for proposing such a ridiculous idea.

He says that since he is king, he will not kneel before anyone. He then orders the Muqarrab to learn some manners before speaking to the king of the people and the oath of state. Aurangzeb looks at him with contempt.

Sambhaji’s mother is crying and asking Suni to return to her son. She is told not to lose hope. Meanwhile, Sambhaji’s sisters are scared because they have no one to back them up.


They are worried because they do not know about Sambhaji’s whereabouts. Aurangzeb later says that he caught Sambhaji after many years of hard work. He also announced that he wanted to torture Sambhaji. He then told his daughter that he would remove Sambhaji’s eyes with hot oil. The Mughal emperor further announces that anyone who goes against him will meet the same fate. Sambhaji wants to see begging, crying and apologizing at his feet. He says Sambhaji has given him enough trouble so it will be cathartic. On the other hand, Aurangzeb’s daughter asks if we will ever forgive Sambhaji.

Later, Muqarrab orders his army to be samba because he wants to appear before Aurangzeb. Not wanting to wait for Aurangzeb, he tells the soldiers to hurry. The army laid siege to Sambhaji, and the latter was struggling to break free from their tussle. Sambhaji Sambhaji was later dragged into the court by several soldiers. Finally Sambhaji’s creation is before Aurangzeb. The latter declares that he wants to celebrate the capture of the Maratha king. He says he finally feels like a champion. Then thank Him for helping the Almighty God in the undertaking. All these times Sambhaji looks at him with rage in his eyes.

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